Freedom in the night.

Another long day of lifeguarding, over. So many thoughts rolling around. So much time to think.

I walk out the glass doors and I breath and I forget the thoughts that tormented my heart. It’s just me and the night.

I breath in the night air that is cold and crisp, but invitingly warm in every other way. Its wind brushes my hair away from my neck and kisses my rosy cheeks. It embraces me as I breath it in, accepting it, letting it fill my tired lungs. It soothes my lungs. I relax in the engulfing power of this mighty wind who wraps itself around me. I close my eyes and inhale this wind; they remain closed as I exhale.

We walk together, the wind and I; we walk through the night, the night who watches carefully with Orion at his side. I say hello to Orion, an old friend of mine by now, and I smile at him, closing my eyes once again while breathing in through my tired, yet exuberant smile.

I shuffle through my purse and find my ipod. I put in my ear buds and find a song to dance with me in the night. Mumford & Sons; The Cave.

The guitar picking picks up my spirits. I feel a tingle in my heart, chasing away the heavy thoughts.

It’s empty in the valley of your heart. The sun, it rises slowly as you walk away from all the fears and all the faults you’ve left behind.

Verse 1; verse 2; and the mandolin comes in with the accordion and banjo.

But I will hold on hoping. I won’t let you choke on the noose around your neck. And I’ll find strength in pain. And I will change my ways. I’ll know my name as it’s called again.

My heart skips and my feet skip with it. Quieter now. Secrets of encouragement are whispered to me.

So come out of your cave walking on your hands and see the world hanging upside down.

The last chord falls, and then I press repeat. Spirits are soaring now. I am alive and I feel it.

The wind rushes around me; darkness overwhelms the streets, and the trees dance with me, swaying to their own rhythm. The stars dance with me, shining brighter as I imagine their smiles grow wider at the thought of a dance partner though she is millions of miles away. The dancing overflows from my heart and into my feet. Walking won’t suit me tonight; only dancing can satisfy my fickle feet. I tap my hands on my legs to the beat, drumming my way into the melody.

Street lights come and go; I pass by houses I’ve passed a hundred times before; the night stays with me; the wind still holds my hand.

Then there is grass, crunching under my feet. My dancing comes to a halt. Pause. The music stops. I step through the door and my heart is overwhelmed. I pick up the burdens I left at the door and I carry them to my room.

Dear night, I’ll be back for you soon.