Five-minute Friday: In real life.


I’m the girl who talks all the time; the one that never wants to stop talking and getting to know your heart; the one who wants to talk to everyone about everything, even especially strangers on airplanes, jr. high kids at church, latinos, and people who don’t speak English.

I’m the girl whose heart lives in two worlds, Seattle and Costa Rica, though these worlds have never met.

I’m the American girl with a Costa Rican accent (and not only when I’m talking with my Tico friends).

I’m the girl who takes medication to have the courage to get out of bed in the morning, though you’d probably never expect someone like me to struggle with severe depression.

I’m the girl entering her senior year of college with more dreams than Martin Luther King Jr., or so it sometimes seems.

I’m the girl who checks the mailbox every day because that’s how much my heart loves the words from your heart.

I’m the girl who loves and loves and loves or tries to anyway, because loving people is what I love doing most.

I’m the girl who struggles with feelings of inadequacy and imperfection every day, but who finds strength and worth, life and purpose in Christ my Lord.


(Prompted by Lisa-Jo at The Gypsy Mama.)