Dear church.

Dear Church,

Many of you have probably heard about the abortion doctor who was shot and killed at his church in Kansas. And many have been disturbed, not by the fact that this man was shot in his church, but by the fact that he was an abortion doctor who went to church. And to that I say, shame on us. Shame on us, the church, for thinking that we are any better than him. Shame on us for thinking that this man shouldn’t have been going to church. Shame on us for not wanting him there.

Don’t take this the wrong way. Abortion disgusts me, and I am sure that is breaks the heart of God, but doesn’t lying break his heart in the same way? Doesn’t gossip — an uncontrolled tongue — break his heart as well? Doesn’t this man’s death/murder, cheating, stealing, breaking of the law, alcohol abuse, sexual sin, bullying, teasing — doesn’t it all break God’s heart? We are all sinners, and we all break His heart at some time. And we all live in sin. And we all refuse to surrender parts of our lives to God.

Yet, we still go to church. We still sit in the pews or in the chairs and we still praise God and offer most of our lives to him. We still hide the things we want to keep to ourselves. We still sin.

And in our hearts, aren’t we all abortion doctors? Aren’t we all living with some kind of sin, and going to church like it’s no big deal, or without having fixed it? Church is not a place for healthy people to gather and remain away from the sick. It is a place for sick people to gather so that Christ might heal their wounds by his own wounds and shed blood.

I pray that there is a revival. This has been heavy on my heart for a while. We, Christians, have been putting God in a box, and putting church in a box, saying that “this” is how we should do things. There are rules to follow, regulations to abide by, forms to sign. While I do believe there is a place for those things, I do not think they are in the right place. When we put them above God and serve less, help less, do less for his kingdom because of rules and regulations, that is where regulations and forms need to become unimportant. God and his people should be more important than regulations.

Christianity is not a club. The church is not a daycare or just an activity to fill your weekend. And it’s not a religion either. All of this religiosity is making me sick.

Why, dear church, have you put God in a box? Why, dear Christians, have you fallen into the trap of religion? God cannot be boxed, and our lives should not be religious. Our lives should be transformed, molded, conformed by the blood of Christ. Our lives should be lived through the Holy Spirit, not through a list of rules and standards. If God tells you to do something, don’t consult your handbook, or guidelines, or budget. Take a step of faith. Just do it.

Dear church, let’s fall in love with Christ, again.

Go here for the abortion doctor story according to the L.A. Times.