Twenty goals for twenty-fourteen.

1. Go to Honduras with Rafael and Sofie.

2. Pay off all non-student loan debt.

3. Pay off (at least) one student loan.

4. Lose 40 pounds.

5. Get in the habit of reading the Bible and doing devotions every day.

6. Get life insurance.

7. Join Women’s Ministries.

8. Be involved at church.

9. Hike on Mt. Rainier with Rafael, Sofie, mom, Seth, and Nate.

10. Buy a house.

11. Have a tea party with friends.

12. Go to these parks with Rafael and Sofie: Discovery Park, Golden Gardens, Deception Pass, Carkeek Park, and Alki beach

13. Be a better wife and mother.

14. Go swimming with Sofie.

15. Go to a Sounders game with Rafael.

16. Go kayaking with my mom.

17. Spend more time with my brothers.

18. Volunteer (possibly tutoring in Spanish/English or at a radio station).

19. Legally change my name.

20. Be in control of my depression.

(21. Blog more often)

What are your goals for this year?


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