To prepare a place for you.

Since moving to Washington, we’ve been living at my mom’s house. It’s nice to be with my family, but I am desperate to move out with my new little family and have a house of our own. Since Rafael will be starting his new job soon, we’ve decided to stay with my mom for a bit longer to save up for a house instead of moving into an apartment.

Owning a house seems so far away, and yet it’s so close! In just a few months we could be looking at buying a house. So of course that means my daydreaming has begun. I dream of what the living room will look like, of putting books on a shelf and having hardwood floors and a pretty rug. I dream of the light coming in through the living room window in the morning and how that will look with the window open and the white curtains blowing in the breeze. I think of the colors I want to use in my kitchen and which Kitchen-Aid appliances I need to choose in order to match the walls.

I think of sitting at the kitchen table that we have yet to purchase, sipping a cup of coffee that I made in my own coffee maker, and reading my Bible while Sofie plays happily next to me. (It’s a dream.) She’s already crawling by then, or dear Lord, maybe walking. The house is quiet except for the hum of the washing machine and of the dish washer. In my daydream I look more like a mom, I’m a little bit older (not sure why I had to dream that up), and I anxiously wait for friends to come over for a cup of tea.

So, it’s a dream. Not all of it will come true, but in my head it’s perfect and I am so anxious to be able to prepare our future house. I’m ready to finally be able to nest in my own place, to create a room for Sofie and decorate the living room, to choose colors for our bathroom, and to find the perfect sofa for cuddles and sick days.

All I want is a place for my family to come home to. I want a place to call our own, where friends and family can come to lay their heads and laugh and share together. It’s what occupies my mind most days, and I wonder about what God thinks as he is preparing a place for me.

In John 14, Jesus says, “In my Father’s house are many rooms; if it were not so, I would have told you. I am going there to prepare a place for you. And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come back and take you to be with me that you also may be where I am.”

God created men and women in his likeness. I imagine that we each got a piece of him and that’s why men and women are so different. The desire to work and to provide for the family, that is a gift that God gave men. And the desire to prepare a place, to make a home for the family, that is a gift that God gave women.

Just as I am anxious to prepare a place for my family, I wonder if God is thinking of us as he prepares a place for us in heaven with him. “I can’t wait til Hannah gets here!” he thinks. “It will be so wonderful to have her home with me!” I wonder what Jesus is doing to prepare a room for us. What kinds of things will he put in the room? Will it be a room that is filled with God’s glory? I imagine it will be. But will their be beds and rugs and kitchen tables?

There are so many mysteries that we won’t know until we get there, but I imagine God is just as ready to have us home as I am to have a place to call home.


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