Five-minute Friday: Quiet


“Sometimes,” I said to Juan, “sometimes I need to turn off the music and just be still.”

I told him that somewhere between Dallas and Albuquerque on our way to Seattle a couple weeks ago. We did the drive in three days on the way there and in four coming back, finally pulling in to Dallas at 5am, twelve days after we started our adventure to move across the country.

Not having realized this about me, he smiled, turned off the radio, and kept on driving.

My heart swooned. What a man. So selfless, so pure, so kind.

It wasn’t the only time he did that either. Sometimes he could see that I was frustrated. He saw that I needed silence. And in those times, he turned off the music and gave me space to be still. To think. To find quiet.


It’s hard to find quiet these days. So difficult in a world of noise. Maybe the only answer is to stop looking for quiet places, and instead, to create them.

Turn off your radio. Shut down your laptop. Lock yourself in your house. Or get lost in a park.

Breath, think, write, be still. Repeat.



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