The prisms of my heart.

This one starts with a little story that might sound somewhat like a Wikipedia article. There’s something you need to understand…

Your eyes are like prisms. Well, it’s less of a metaphor and actually a fact. Your eyes are prisms. They reflect light and bend and shape the light so you can see. Sometimes it’s not just the nearsighted or farsighted-ness that’s wrong with your eyes. It can also be the prisms reflecting light on different parts of your eyes. Your eyes need to let the light hit at just the right angle to cause optimum sight. If the light doesn’t hit right, your eyes are forced to try to correct it.

I went to the eye doctor the other day and learned that my eyes are constantly trying to correct the prisms. In attempt to let the light hit my eyes correctly, my eyes shift outward a little bit. It’s not much, but since I have hyper sensitive eyes (20/10 vision), I notice the smallest details.

The consequences for such a small shift in my eyesight are extraordinarily relentless. I get really bad migraines when I go to the movie theatre for having to concentrate on a movie for so long. Also, for the past couple years I have noticed an increased difficulty reading. I can read for about 10 minutes before becoming exhausted and having to sleep. I thought it was from depression or low energy… something like that. The optometrist said it’s because my eyes are used to focusing outward, it is incredibly difficult for them to focus in on the something right in front of me. My eyes become so tired trying to focus and to fight the natural prisms that they give up.

Now for the juicy stuff…

I wonder if we spend so much time focusing on everything around us, that it feels impossible to focus on what we created to focus on. The Lord created us to focus on him, but our eyes are broken. We are constantly looking outward instead of forward. Our eyes are torn between what they were made for and trying to see without first being fixed. There’s a fix for that. Glasses help us see, help us not fall asleep when we’re reading, help us not get tired when we’re trying to concentrate. The Lord has a way of doing that too, to adjust our eyesight to the way it was meant to be.

It sounds so basic, something you’ve heard over and over. It starts with him. Just him and his presence. But it’s also reading the Word, being surrounded by other believers, loving God and others, and growing in that love. It’s all those things you’ve been told to do and somehow seem to busy to begin.

But it makes all the difference in the world. Choosing to walk in love, to read the words of God, to talk to God about anything — it is to put on the glasses and to let your eyes rest in what they were created for. It is to realize what you were created for.

Maybe it’s time to visit the Eye Doctor…


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