Forever inked.

So… I got a tattoo on Tuesday. It’s my first one and yes, it was painful! Some people say it’s not that bad, but let me tell you… it’s that bad.

I got it on my foot (which they say is one of the most painful places to get a tattoo) and please don’t let my description deter you, but it felt like I was torturing myself with knives. Ouch! Yet I would do it all again.


As I am preparing to move to Costa Rica, I’m struck with the realization that my real world life is starting. I am about to go into ministry and follow the Lord to a country that is 3,000 miles away in order to serve him. When people hear that I am moving to Costa Rica, their next question is usually, “For how long?” and my answer is always, “Until God takes me somewhere else.” The truth is, I have no idea how long I’ll be in Costa Rica. It could be for a year or it could be for the rest of my life. I will stay as long as God can use me.

I got this tattoo as a reminder. It is placed on my foot for a specific purpose: to symbolize wherever my feet take me and wherever I go. The script reads “Gloria a Dios” which means “Glory to God” in Spanish. Spanish is the language of the country of my heart and the language of my soul.

Above the script are three sparrows. There is no reason why there are three except that I thought it looked better than 2 or 4. The sparrows are from Luke 12 when Jesus explains to the disciples that the sparrows are always provided for, yet we as God’s children are much more precious to God. Seeing as how God provides perfectly well for the sparrows, we do not need to worry. Surely, he will provide for his children whom he loves even more.

Putting that all together, here is what my tattoo means to me: Don’t worry about anything… about today or tomorrow or what will become of my life. God knows and God’s got me in his hands. Therefore, in everything I do, my purpose shall be to bring glory to God and when I do that, God will always provide and always be there for me.

I forever inked myself so that I am always reminded of my purpose in life.

Para siempre, toda la gloria a Dios!


4 thoughts on “Forever inked.

  1. Cool tattoo! Ya know, the Holy Spirit is also sometimes represented by a sparrow. The tattoo could, therefore, be saying that where ever you go, you want to follow the Holy Spirit’s leading. (Also, since there are three, they could represent the trinity.) Just some thoughts!


    • I love that! I thought about using the 3 sparrows as the trinity, but when I got it and decided that I wanted 3 it had nothing to do with that so I feel funny telling people that’s what it means.
      I love what you said about following the Spirit’s leading though. That is exactly what I want.


  2. Awesome! It’s funny for past few weeks I’ve been studying The Gospels with special attention to Jesus’ parables. It had really jumped out at me about been worth more than “many sparrows”. In Matthew you get 2 for 1 penny and in Luke it’s 5 for 2 pennies. ;-). I even thought it would make an awesome Native American name “Many Sparrows”. I started telling people at church that I was feeling lead to move to Costa Rica. The African pastor said today “yeah you should go! Do something before you’re not lead anywhere at all!”. I’m really trying to be patient and be in GOD’s timing. But all things work together for go for those who love GOD and are called according to HIS purposes. Keep up The Good Work Ruthie 🙂


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