The heart of a muzungu mama.

Meet Lexi.

Lexi MacKinnon and I have never met in person, but by means of twitter and facebook chat, she is a constant encouragement to my heart, despite our physical distance.

Last year, after graduating from college, Lexi sold all of her belongings in order to pioneer Muzungu Mama Ministries and move to Eastern Uganda. Muzungu is the name given to white people in Uganda and Muzungu Mama was the nickname given to Lexi upon her first visit to Uganda.

On the MMM website you’ll find that MMM exists to “[bring] the light of Jesus into Eastern Uganda by mothering the motherless.” That is no understatement. Shortly after arriving in Uganda, Lexi was given the opportunity to adopt a beautiful one-year old girl, Hadassah Hope. Aren’t they beautiful together?!

In the past few months, I have been a faithful supporter of MMM and have watched Lexi’s heart grow for Ugandan people. A lot has changed already since Lexi first moved to Uganda last September. She has battled Malaria multiple times, had to move over an hour away from her first home and Ugandan family, and been learning how to raise her first daughter in a different country and culture. But Lexi is a warrior. Her heart is strong and her love for the Lord is stronger.

Lexi’s desire to see the light of Christ spread in Eastern Uganda is beautiful. Because of her recent move to a different part of Uganda and a loss of partnership with a ministry she was previously working with, MMM is struggling — waiting to see beauty from the ashes.

I encourage you to check out Muzungu Mama Ministries and Lexi’s blog, and support MMM however you can, whether financially or through prayer or sending a letter of encouragement to Lexi. We as the body of Christ need to encourage one another and build each other up in love. Let us not forget to show love to the ones whom distance hides from us.

(And no, Lexi has no idea I’m writing this post about her.)


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