Five-minute Friday: Real.


I’m sitting in the lounge at SPU, feeling the very real warmth of the fireplace upon my cheeks as my afternoon begins.

Kari Jobe sings though my headphones, “You’re here. You’re real. I know I can trust You. Even when it hurts, even when it’s hard, even when it all just falls apart. You steady my heart.”

And I rest in the reality that God is real with me. I don’t have to question that I can trust him or that he is going to tell me the truth. I don’t have to question his motives or if he is going to keep his promises.

People often let us down. They hurt us, intentionally or unintentionally. Hearts break, people break, friendships break. We can feel so sure and still be hurt, still be let down. But God is not like that. He does not disappoint. He is the friend who is always real and true.

Yesterday I had this thought: I hate when people think that when friendship gets hard, it’s over. No, sir. When friendship gets hard, it gets real.

And isn’t it beautiful that Christ’s strength is magnified in our weakness. His love overflows on us when we feel unloved. When my life gets hard, I don’t feel the absence of God. That’s when God is closest. That is when his love is most real.

It’s not over when it gets hard. That’s when it gets real.


6 thoughts on “Five-minute Friday: Real.

  1. What a strong and needed message to share: “It’s not over when it gets hard. That’s when it gets real.” This is so true of friendships, and as you said, with God. God always remains real… more real than we can even fathom! Very nice five minutes.


  2. “It’s not over when it gets hard. That’s when it gets real.” I love this. And that we can trust God to be there through it all. Especially when it gets real. Thank you for this post. I enjoyed reading it. Smiles –


  3. I had a friendship this past year that got real when it got hard. It’s so true! The way God brings healing and makes things better is amazing! Great post, Hannah! BTW, I know a Hannah Ruth! It’s a beautiful name!


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