God is bigger than…

My finances.
My worries.
My imperfections.
My friends’ problems.

Your turn…


6 thoughts on “God is bigger than…

  1. I’m not sure if you watched this as a kid, but when I first read the title I thought of Veggie Tales’ first movie where the ‘hit’ song from the movie begin with ‘God is bigger than…” It’s great, because at first I just smiled, and then I thought about the fact that the message is the same, whether it’s childhood fears…or grownup fears like finances and distance…he’s bigger. Thanks for sharing! -MHN


    • I know exactly what you’re talking about! I loved Veggie Tales as a kid. That’s a cool thought too… it’s hard to believe that God is bigger than my adult problems. They seems so much bigger to me and sometimes God still seems like the God who takes care of the boogie man… not the God who takes care of hearts and bills and worries. He is the same God and still so much bigger than ALL my problems. Thanks for that reminder!


      • I love Veggie Tales. When my daughter was little and being my first she had no idea about a “boogie man”. She would sing the song and say “scurvy land” to which I got to explain “I guess they had no citrus fruits”. The Veggie memories.
        God is Good and faithful even in some of the hardest times HE always comes through.


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