This was me yesterday… at the airport, hugging my best friends, trying not to cry, saying goodbye until September…

But then a funny thing happened… this morning I woke up in Costa Rica again.

The short story is this: I was supposed to go home yesterday at 2pm, but they gave away my ticket an hour before departure because I was 5 minutes late for check-in. Stupid, I know. They wouldn’t even let me check in. I met a guy who had been waiting on stand-by since Tuesday and he helped me figure out everything about my flight. All the flights were overbooked and they wanted to charge $150 for switching my flight and putting me on standby for next week. I said no. I was not about to pay a fee for them taking away my ticket. If I wanted a confirmed seat, I had to pay extra, and I wouldn’t do that either. Eventually I argued my way out of the $150 fee and said I would wait on standby on Tuesday.

So, I’m in Costa Rica until Tuesday, at least. I have a very good chance of going home on Tuesday because there are many open spaces on the plane, but it is not guaranteed. Luckily, I have wonderful friends who were willing to come back to the airport and pick me up (Gracias Jota and Josue!) and I have a home here, so I have a bed and food, and everything I would ever need.

It’s hardest on my family at home in Seattle, I know that. For me, 3 extra days in Costa Rica is a blessing. It is a gift from God to my heart. But I know my mom and dad and brothers are wishing I was home right now, waking up in Seattle.

I’ll be home in Seattle soon enough. For now, know that everything is fine, I’ll be home when I can, and I’m going to enjoy these 2 more days I have in Costa Rica.

Hasta pronto, Seattle!


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