One Word 365

For the past couple years I have joined hundreds of others in my online community who choose one word that will define their year. One thing to learn, to grow in, to focus on for an entire year.

This year I will reach many milestones that mark the end of my childhood and the beginning of adulthood. Not everything has to change. I know I’m still young and can cherish that, but some things need to change.

I will be finishing SPU in June, taking my last class at community college over the summer, and moving to Costa Rica to intern as an English teacher to finish my degree by the end of the year. The next five months I will be taking 18 credits at the university each quarter. In the summer I will be taking a class and working as much as possible to save for moving to Costa Rica (and enough to take my mom with me to help me move in). In September I will move to another country.

Here’s the problem… I am great at spending money, terrible at saving, and unmotivated to study. That needs to change. These habits are not good and will not help me be successful in anything. With these big changes happening in my life this year, I know I need to be more disciplined.

I need to learn self-control.

I need to pay off my credit card, stop putting money on it, and control my spending habits.

I need to spend less time on the internet and more time studying.

I need to make time to pursue God and do it, instead of being lazy.

It is not ok to be irresponsible and lazy with these things and not give them my all. God says to work at everything as though working for him, not for men. It’s time for me to do that.

This year I will work on being self-controlled. God, help me. I know I’ll need it.


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