One Word 2011 Recap: Redeemed

My one word from 2011 kind of flopped. It’s not because I didn’t work on it (though I didn’t really). It’s because I knew what God wanted for me and I deliberately went in a different direction because I was afraid of what he could do in my heart. Hey, Jonah! Let’s be BFFs!

My word for last year was redeemed. In reality, the word God put on my heart was humility. I knew that and all year I wrestled with it. Working on humility hurts, but working on redemption is easy. Redemption means grace and forgiveness and accepting that though I am broken, I am saved. Humility means dying to myself, losing myself, putting God above all and others above me.

This year I didn’t work on redemption, but it kind of happened to me, and in the midst of that, maybe humility sort of happened to me too (though it sounds prideful to say that). This year I learned what grace looks like. I have always been the girl to get good grades and make (mostly) straight-edge decisions, but I am far from perfect. God showed me that. He turned on the light in my ugly heart and showed me all the ugliness I’d been avoiding. He showed me how imperfect I am and how much I really do need him to redeem me.

I learned what it is to be a sinner and what that means in my relationship with Christ. I am nothing without him. He is everything and must be my everything. In understanding my imperfections and in seeing my own ugly heart, God showed me how to give grace and how to love others no matter what they have done or who they are or what they will do and who they will become.

Once you realize how imperfect you are, it’s difficult to judge other people for their imperfections. We’re all broken people, all desperately in need of redemption. When you know that, giving grace and love to other broken people doesn’t feel so difficult anymore.


4 thoughts on “One Word 2011 Recap: Redeemed

  1. I did a Google search for “does God want me to move to Costa Rica” and found your page. I’m not sure if it what God has for me but I wound love to find out more about Ciudad Renuevo. I have gone through a lot in the past 2 years and my life is all about HIM now. Please keep in touch I’ll need a good Church to go to when I get there.  thanks for posting about your life. Praise The LORD!?8+


  2. So I did this search “Does God want me to move to Costa Rica” I found your Blog and started reading them. I am amazed at what God is doing. I sighed up for the WordPress thing and stated bloging. Hope and pray and know that God will continue to use us for His glory to change the world. Starting in our hearts to our friends and families to our churches to our cites. And for me this is all on my iPhone. God bless you all. ~ Michael


    • Wow! That is so cool! You have encouraged me a lot through your comments. I’d love to have you around and keep you updated on my time in Costa Rica. I’m heading back to the U.S. for about 8 months to finish school, but I’ll be moving here in September and will certainly be updating about that.

      God will reveal his plan for you in the right time. I pray that whatever it is, you go there with all your heart and keep seeking him.

      So nice to “meet” you, Michael!


      • This “blogging” stuff is a lot harder that it looks. Keep up the good work and be encouraged. God is faithful and He is a rewarded or those who diligently seek HIM.

        “I need to learn Spanish”. 😉

        Nice to “meet” you too…


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