Things that I love: 14 (Costa Rican version)

having sisters! (Eri, Luci, Leccy, Abi)

being a part of a huge family

rice and beans for three meals a day

staying up until 2am talking with Josue

having a friend who will come kill a cockroach in my room at 1am

becoming familiar with my neighborhood, Zetillal

knowing where the unmarked bus stops are

being mistaken for a tica

the ability to speak to my friends in Spanish

greeting everyone with kisses

afternoon coffee break at 3pm

not getting lost when walking by myself to my friend’s house

feeling at home

saying, “can you come over to my house later?”

my nephews (Jahred, Sebastian and Jose David): tickle fights, basketball, shooting battles, and kisses

texting my friends and not worrying about the cost of an SMS


a house filled with music at all hours of the day

hugs from my pastors

hugs from best friends and family

my nicknames: nuestra otra hija from my tico parents, mi amor from Jota’s mom, linda chiquita from Jota’s dad, gringuita tica from my friend Kathy, sister from Leccy and Abi

being in the same place as my best friends

being home


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