Hasta luego, Seattle.

Today is the day! (Cue giddy squealing and uncontainable excitement.)

It feels like we just did this. I was in Costa Rica for two weeks in June, and now I’m on my way back for a month. It’s surreal, and terribly exciting!

There has not been a day in the past year and a half when I have not thought about Costa Rica. I can’t really explain it to you: the way the country and people of Costa Rica have captured my heart, or how I feel God calling my heart to work in Costa Rica and to serve him at my beautiful church, Ciudad Reneuvo.

Has a place ever captured your heart like this? In a way that you just can’t ignore? The passion and love I have for this country is unlike any other I’ve ever had.

But I have to be clear: I’m not going to Costa Rica this month to do “missions.” I’m going to spend time with my amazing friends and their families. I’m going to vacation on the beaches and spend a lot of time with my church family. I’m going to learn how to cook Costa Rican food, practice my Spanish, have sleepovers with some of my favorite amigas, go shopping, go adventuring, and build deeper relationships with people that I love. I’m going just to be there with them, my home away from home, my family away from family.

I will be going to my church in Costa Rica, but I’m going to be with my community, and not for a specific purpose other than that. But someday I hope I do go to Costa Rica for the purpose of serving God in that way. That is my heart’s desire.

So would you pray with me? Would you pray that God would make it clear if he wants me to spend more time in Costa Rica? Is this place where God wants me to move and spend my life (or part of my life) serving him?

If it was up to me, this is a resounding YES! I love Costa Rica: the people, the culture, the food, my church. But I need to go because it is God’s desire for my heart, not mine.

Please pray with me that I will see God clearly and know his will for my life. And of course, you can adventure with me too! I’ll be updating my blog about my adventures while I’m here in Costa Rica until January 7th.

Hasta luego, Seattle! See you soon. (But not too soon.)


One thought on “Hasta luego, Seattle.

  1. I love this so much. I feel like I say that a lot on this little blog. I really get the wanting to have purpose in another country. It will mean so much when you have an outlet to do missions down there. God is good. He will reveal everything He needs to; in His time.


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