Algún día.


I’m such a words girl. But every girl wants to be shown that she is loved too. Girls want men to pursue them. They want to be sought and wooed and desired. They want to be women worth fighting for.

But we don’t just want a knight in shining armor (though sometimes that seems nice), we want what I think everyone wants — a best friend. Women desire a best friend to fall in love with; a relationship that gives and takes; a partner in crime ministry.

I’m excited for the day God gives me my husband, my best friend, the one I share my heart with and who shares his with me… the one who doesn’t hesitate to tell me what he’s struggling with or how he finds joy, or about the days that are especially good and the days that are mundane. I look forward to the day God gives me that best friend to walk beside, and serve Him with, and laugh with, and love.

But for now I wait. I wait to be sought and pursued and desired. (Algún día. Si Dios quiere.) And I keep my heart safe in the hands of the One who has already sought, already pursued, and has always desired her.


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