Five-minute Friday: Unexpected.


I never expected God to take my heart to Costa Rica. I didn’t expect to fall in love with a country that speaks Spanish instead of French, or for my “home” to be so far away.

I never expected strangers living 3,500 miles away to become more like family than merely best friends. I didn’t expect to spend Christmas in the home of this family I only met in real life 4 months ago.

But this is better than what I expected.

That’s the beauty of God’s plan for my life. It’s always more than whatever I could have asked or imagined. It’s more beautiful, more adventurous, more whole.

It’s always more than what I expect.


22 thoughts on “Five-minute Friday: Unexpected.

  1. awww…love! my post was, too, about our soon-to-be far-away home and it isn’t where I expected to be, BUT, it is always best as His plan…Love your heart and love for Him. So NICE to meet you:}:}:}


    • It really stretches you to write better and to keep your writing flowing. Since you only have five minutes, you can’t stop and just keep putting down what first comes to your mind. You should try it!


  2. “It’s always more than what I expect.”

    So true! I can tell you, I never expected to be living in Guatemala and to have gotten married here.

    Looking forward to reading more about your time in Costa Rica.


    • I love reading about your time in Guatemala too. It’s encouraging to me to see what that kind of “I never expected this” life story looks like. I’m looking forward to writing more about Costa Rica. πŸ˜‰


  3. Love hearing this! We, too, are going to be embarking on the “unexpected”. The Lord has led us to be missionaries in the Philippines and we will be (god-willing) leaving this summer for an undetermined amount of time! Looking forward to see what HE will do in the unexpected!!


  4. you are so right hannah! God’s plan for us is always so much better than we could ever expect! sometimes, when we are in the middle of some of the chapters, we wonder why everything is so dark. but when we get out in the sunshine, and look back over the whole story, we can see the beauty of it.

    only dull stories move along smoothly without any bumps in the road. interesting stories have texture and contrast. those are the stories only God can write! if we were choosing, we would never write our stories that way.

    enjoy the story God writes for you. love with abandon the people He brings to you. weep when you must say, Good-bye. but keep moving on. the story he writes will be a great story and you will be glad you walked it with Him!


    • “Only dull stories move along smoothly without any bumps in the road.” Wow. I need to remember that one. The bumps are reminders that it’s something more unfathomable than I could ever imagine, not just a smooth road of things I can expect.

      Thank you for your words of wisdom, Martha. It was so encouraging to read.


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