“Electrolyte Enhanced Water”

I have a bottle of water sitting on my dresser. “Electrolyte Enhanced Water,” it boasts. I got it at Whole Foods a couple weeks ago for 75¢ and I liked the bottle, so I kept it. I finished the water that morning and refilled it with the refreshing water from the drinking fountain at my work before taking a Zumba class that night.

I filled it up one more time before leaving work and it has remained half full, sitting on my dresser where I left it since then. That was a week and a half ago.

I looked at the bottle of “Electrolyte Enhanced Water” this morning and chuckled a bit. What a joke. It’s not electrolyte enhanced at all. It’s just the normal water that was once refreshing from the drinking fountain at my work, left to sit and distill on my dresser for over a week.

The water in that bottle was no more the electrolyte enhanced water that came in it than I am a woman from Costa Rica.

I can eat the food, talk in Spanish, fly to Costa Rica twice within 6 months, have dark brown hair, and dance during worship, but that doesn’t make me Costa Rican.

The water can look like electrolyte enhanced water and it probably tastes the same, but it’s not electrolyte enhanced water. It was not treated at a plant where they artificially add electrolytes. It’s just water from a drinking fountain at my work.

In the same way, it doesn’t matter who or what you claim to be. What matters is what you’re filled with and who you are.

Does your outside claim to be a hard-ass? Do you really hate the whole world, or has the world abandoned you and hurt you?

Does your outside claim to be a good girl? Do you really have no faults, or are you hiding the ugliness because it scares you and you’re afraid of what people will think?

Does your outside claim to hate ________ (your dad, your mom, your family, the church, God)? Do you really hate ________ or have you just been hurt by it?

Does your outside claim to be a Christian? Do you really fill up with Christ every day and desire to live your life for him, or do you just believe in God and want to do good stuff so you claim Christianity because it feels safe?

It doesn’t matter what you claim to be. It matters who you are.

Maybe you ARE the Electrolyte Enhanced Water. Or maybe you’re not.

There’s no need to hide. We’re all broken. We’re all hurt. We’re all messed up. Live in the freedom of knowing you’re not alone and the freedom of knowing it’s ok to not pretend. You are loved because of what’s in you, not because of what you claim to be.

And maybe now is your chance to add some electrolytes to your water, or to take the label off the bottle. Now is your chance to let your insides match your outsides, even though it’s vulnerable, even when it hurts.

Realize your faults…

Accept that you’ve been hurt…

Know what it is to truly give your life to Christ…

Because it doesn’t matter what you claim to be. It matters who you are.


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