Don’t waste it.

If you waste an opportunity to tell someone how much God loves them, you could have missed your last chance. I don’t mean that in a cutesy nostalgic way. I don’t mean to make you feel like you need to suck all the marrow out of life (though you should). But seriously. Live this.

You never know when your last day will be. Don’t be foolish in thinking you still have 50, 60, or 70 years to live. You don’t know that. Don’t think this is just a cute saying or nice encouraging words. Go live it now.

Don’t waste a single opportunity to tell someone about the love that has captured your heart. It is absolutely worth it every single time. Even if you are rejected, it’s worth it because God will use it to grow you.

If you put it off for next time, you will always put it off for next time. Pretend there is no next time. There’s no time in life for withholding forgiveness or waiting to share the love of God.

Now is the only time you’ve ever been promised.

Go live in it.

(End charismatic speech.)


One thought on “Don’t waste it.

  1. i totally agree…

    i missed that chance with my cousin who died a few years ago….I miss him.
    we really aren’t promised tomorrow. Good post šŸ™‚


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