Peace, patience, purpose.

It’s 48 days until I leave for Costa Rica (again… didn’t we just do this countdown?!). In my head I’ve already knocked it down to 47 because it’s past 4:00 pm on the left coast which means it’s practically tomorrow. Oh my heart. I’m getting ahead of myself.

Is it bad that I want to start packing now? Not like going to buy things that I need to take with me (already started that), and not this weekend when I have time off… No, I mean I want to put a few responsibilities aside (laundry, homework) and pull out a duffel bag and start throwing stuff in it, leaving it in the middle of my room for 48 47 days to add stuff as I please just because it will feel more real.

Holy crap! I. AM. GOING. TO. COSTA RICA. FOR A MONTH. That’s a big deal, yo.

Were you around when I spent seven weeks in South Africa back in 2008? That seemed like forever to be away from home. Now it’s simple a hop, skip, and a jump and I’ll be in Costa Rica for a little over five weeks. In a way, five weeks feels short. I imagine there will be a day when I will buy a one way ticket to Costa Rica. But that hasn’t happened yet.

Right now my heart feels a little bit of this –> O_o, as I’m going to be away from home for Christmas for the first time ever, away from family traditions and cold, chilly wintery days. That part is just starting to hit. It will be reality soon. Christmas will be warm. What?!

But my heart is also feeling a lot of this –> : D, cause holy cow I’m excited! I’m going to spend over five weeks in Costa Rica with dozens of close friends from Ciudad Renuevo (my Costa Rican church) and my Costa Rican family and best friends. That part is a dream come true.

So where does my heart find balance between O_o and : D ? I think it’s a lot easier than I have previously thought.

Last Sunday at church I was praying with couple of my girl friends and this is what God put on my heart: peace, patience, and purpose. The three P’s. Finding a balance between O_o and : D is as easy as asking God for peace, patience, and purpose. It is living out those three things in my life NOW instead of focusing all my energy in 47 days from now. When I choose to be satisfied in what God has for me now, the anxieties and terribly difficult waiting won’t feel so hard. While I’m waiting, it’s necessary that I depend on God for peace, patience, and purpose in my now.


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