You are [not] your stuff.

I saw this commercial the other day while watching The Office online.

Did you hear those last couple lines? …. What are you without your stuff? Better yet, without your stuff, who are you?

Those words shake my heart awake. They send chills down my spine and put a lump in my throat. Really? You are your stuff?

So not true.


Believe it. You are a beautiful person who is loved by God. You. are. wonderful. If you don’t believe in that, know that you are loved by me, and probably by your parents, and your friends. You are loved and it isn’t your stuff that defines who you are.

You could instantly lose all of your stuff in a fire.

Or your stuff could be stolen.

And if you’re lucky enough that neither of those things happen to you, remember you can’t take stuff with you when you die.

It’s stuff. Dust. It fades. It breaks. It goes out of style.

You are worth so much more.


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