On climbing Mt. Rainier.

The past few months have been, well, painful. But it’s a good pain.

You know that feeling when you work out and then the next morning you’re super sore, sometimes so sore that it hurts to get out of bed in the morning?

God has been training my heart — a hundred spiritual pushups, a 10 mile run through patience and waiting, and a lot of strengthening my core, this heart, by learning to trust. I feel like I’m training to climb Mt. Rainier. I kind of hope I am.

Can you imagine? A whole lifetime of training with God, then climbing that mountain with him to finally end up at the peak, surveying the most beautiful sight you’ve ever seen, and all you can do is praise God for his patience with you, how he trained you, for the beauty he created, for his faithfulness on the days you could hardly run 3 miles.

That’s what life is, you know. It’s God saying, “Hey girl, I’ve got something new for you. Today I want you to run up 3rd Ave. on Queen Anne. It will seem impossible, but I’ll run it with you.” You do it, then he asks you to do it twice more.

While he’s training you and shaping up your heart, he’s with you, talking with you, running with you, carrying you when you pass out. He’s sharing his heart and desires with you as your pour out yours to him. That’s what it is to fall in love with Jesus. This has been my life lately. I’ve been falling in love with Jesus. It’s not like before. It’s different, deeper.

It’s going on a walk with God instead of running to my friends to take care of my heart.

It’s reading his love letters when my heart is anxious instead of depending on the reassurance my heart gets from facebook and twitter and chatting and blogging.

It’s kneeling while praising God in church because he asked you to; encouraging the woman you don’t know whose waiting for the bus because the Spirit tells you to; praying with someone in the middle of campus while everyone is walking by because God led you to that point.

I don’t know how to tell you what’s been going on in my heart in the past couple weeks, but it’s good, friends. It’s really, really good. When God captures your heart, it’s the most beautiful, joyful thing you could ever experience.

There will always be a little soreness when he is teaching your heart how to love better, but it’s worth it. The heart muscle grows stronger; the faith muscle is strengthened.

In the end, you’ll reach the summit. Think of that view. You’ll be standing with the King of the Universe, and you’ll hear, “Good job, baby girl. You made it.”

So worth it.


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