When I laughed at God and he was still faithful.

Let me tell you how God is faithful. It’s pretty darn cool.

Remember when I wrote this last week? I asked if God was really good. I questioned him a lot because I needed loans for college by Friday and if I didn’t get those loans, I wouldn’t be able to start my senior year of college. That was last Saturday.

Then on Sunday four different people prayed for me. That doesn’t happen often. Not for something specific like this. Not people asking to pray on my behalf. But it happened last Sunday. Four times. Actually it happened more than that because there were people in many places of my life praying for me.

My biggest prayer was for loans, but I also had two other requests: a car (remember when I prayed for that back in May?) and for my schedule at work to fall in line with my school/bus/commuting schedule.

And then in my head I laughed. I laughed at God because these things seem like such a stretch, a far-off dream. Right, God. I mocked him. I told him he couldn’t do it. I lost faith. Yet I praise God that my friends and my family did not lose faith. They kept on praying for me even though I laughed at God.

Here’s what God did…

On Tuesday a lady from my work called and told me I didn’t need to go into work on Thursday. I had been stressing because that was the first day of one of my classes and I needed to leave at least 30 minutes early to make it to work on time. But I didn’t have to go in.

The next Wednesday (two days before my deadline), after calling the loan company and emailing my financial aid counselor, I was told my loans went through and were just being processed. Praise God! This is huge since I have applied for loans every. single. year of college and was never approved because of my lack of credit.

And the biggie… a car. I posted on facebook on that same Saturday, “Who has an extra car lying around that I could use to commute to SPU twice a week? That would be splendid as I’m trying to fit bus-commuting in with work and full time school… no me gusta.”

A friend of mine replied saying that I could potentially use his car if nothing else worked out. Uhhhh, woah. Hey, God! I was not expecting that in the least. It was more of a sarcastic I-hate-not-having-a-car-and-being-so-dependent mock at God anyway. And look what he did when I laughed! (I still have not followed through with this one all the way, but I have a good feeling it could work.)

The downer… my friend’s car is a stick shift and I don’t drive stick. That same Tuesday I got the call about work, a friend offered to drive me home from work that evening in her “new” car.

“It’s a beater,” she said, “but it’s a car.”
And it was a stick shift. “You know how to drive a stick,” she asked.
“No, I don’t but I’ve always wanted to learn.”
“Oh! I’ll teach ya. Anytime.”

I laughed at God a lot last week and he just proved himself to be faithful over and over again. I am amazed at how he takes care of these silly details of my life and how he cares about me even though I’m just a small, little college girl with first world problems. He cares about that; he cares about me.

Even when I laugh at what I think he won’t do for me, he is God, he is capable, he is faithful, and he proves me wrong. God is always good.


5 thoughts on “When I laughed at God and he was still faithful.

  1. I did the same exact thing about finding a place to live. I made lots of jokes about keeping a card board box around and such, but God provided for me way beyond anything I could have imagined! I have nice housemates, a beautiful apartment, and literally closer to campus than on campus housing apartments! All for under the price that I was willing to pay. God is so good! And it just astounded me that while there is so much Chaos going on in the world, starvation and poverty and worse, God still cares about my SILLY problems, and still loves me where I am at. He’s so good, and I’m so glad he is answering your prayers!


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