Falling in love.

In this time of my life when God is using a period of waiting to grow my love for him and teach me how to live my life for him with all that I am, God has taught me so much. One of the things he’s been showing me is especially important for my heart right now and for all of us, but especially those who are longing for someone to love and spend the rest of their life with.

And that one thing is this: No one and nothing will ever satisfy you — your heart and soul — with enough love or joy or fulfillment except the Lord our God. We long for something to make us feel full, but there is no person, no dream, no amount of money or success that will ever satisfy your soul and your desire for God.

As we are young we talk a lot about love and desire to find the one person who makes our lives complete. This is a sweet idea, but the truth is, there is no person who can complete your life. There is no one who can love you perfectly or love you enough. The hole is too big to fill. In the same way, we cannot be that person for anyone else. The ONLY One who is capable of loving enough and loving unconditionally is God and it is to Him we must look for this love.

I desire to fall in love and live the rest of my life with my future husband and best friend and it will be awesome, but right now it is SO important to learn that only God can satisfy me. I cannot expect this kind of love from my boyfriend or husband. He will never be able to measure up to that expectation because our souls were only meant to be satisfied and fulfilled by God.

When you feel anxious or empty of love, pray; seek God; ask him to fill you. He is faithful and will satisfy you. I pray that you learn how great the love of God is and learn to fall in love with him first. It is the greatest love of all time.


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