A little bit of me.

1. What books are you reading? I’ve been in the middle of reading Water for Elephants for about 2 months now… I’m also reading through Psalms, Proverbs, and Galatians. Any good nonfiction/Christian books to recommend? I could use one.

2. What movies/tv shows are you watching? I am not currently watching any tv shows, but I have an ever-growing long list of movies I’ve been told I need to watch: Good Morning, Vietnam; 88 Minutes; Beetle Juice; Karate Kid; The Wedding Singer; and City of Angels

3. What’s your favorite color combination today? Coral, yellow, white, etc. Anything bright and colorful and summery, almost anything with purple, and adding white to an outfit to make it “pop” with summer.

4. What’s the first word that you see in the room around you? Love.

5. What’s on your song playlist lately? Free Fallin’ by John Mayer, El Brillo de Mis Ojos by Jesus Adrian Romero, and Coming Home by Dirty Money and Skylar Grey

6. Pottery, painting, or drawing? Painting… the colors are so beautiful.

7. Walking on the beach or laying on the beach? Walking on the beach, especially if that beach is in Quepos, Costa Rica with my favorite Ticos.

8. Ruth, Esther, or Mary? So hard to choose. Ruth is my middle name so I want to choose her, but I love the boldness of Esther and the truth that we are created for ‘such a time as this,’ and I love Mary’s heart. These women in the Bible are women that I look up to and hope to be like.

9. Matthew, Mark, Luke or John? John. His heart and love for our Savior are beautiful.

10. Get up early or stay up late? Stay up late. I am not a morning person.

(Prompted by my good friend, Katy, from B’ahava.)


One thought on “A little bit of me.

  1. so fun to see your answers too!
    nonfiction christian book that surprised me was jesus, my father, the cia, and me. an autobiography, but totally made me laugh and i liked it =)
    oh and i love that you love john too!


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