Costa Rica: A summary of my heart.

On Monday I returned home to Seattle after flying 3,500 miles to spend 12 glorious days in Costa Rica with a few of so many of my best friends. We hugged for the first time, ate together for the first time, and hung out in the best ways you only can if you are in the same place. These friends of mine hold a special piece of my heart. I know I will be back in Costa Rica some day soon.

Costa Rica is as much my home as is Seattle, maybe more. I have never felt so at home, never felt so at peace, never felt so much a part of my church family.

I’m not sure how to sum this up in words that you will understand. My heart has been captured, changed, taken by a country and a people and a culture that is so beautiful and special to me. Though I am here in Seattle, remembering to find joy and purpose while I am here, my heart remains 3,500 miles away.

Someday I’ll be back to join my heart. Until then I wait on God and what he has for my life now. I must remind myself that I am not in any way stuck here. God has me here now because he wants me here. There is a purpose for everything in my life even now when I wish his will would take me straight to my heart in Costa Rica. There is a purpose for my life in Seattle while I wait for God’s timing to take me back to the country that stole my heart.

_ _ _ _ _

A lightning fast summary of what I did: watched Jota paint the new church while I talked and made friends; fed carrots to animals at the farm; froze at the volcano that we couldn’t see because it was too foggy; went running with Jota; watched the guys play futbol in the street; went to church at Cuidad Renuevo; attempted to talk with Josue’s mom in Spanglish every morning; drank coffee twice a day; met the families of my dear friends; played on photobooth with Jota and Gabo…

ate typical food and horchata in Coronado with Jota and Abi; shopped in downtown San Jose with Jota and Gabo; toured the National Museum in San Jose; witnessed a protest in San Jose; rode the bus many times; learned how to cross busy streets and not get killed; ate so much delicious food made by Rosaura and Victor; gained sisters; played with Josue’s nephews; hung out with my pastor while he recorded songs with a couple guys; loved on my pastor’s daughters; became friends with half most of the people at the church…

saw X-Men at the cinema; ate churros; played air hockey with the boys at the arcade; stayed in a cabin in Quepos, a beautiful coastal town right by the beach; swam in a warm ocean; walked through Manuel Antonio National Park and saw sloths, monkeys, toucans and lizards; went grocery shopping with my three favorite boys (hilarious to shop with guys who have a different culture); watched Costa Rica lose to Honduras in the Gold Cup…

joked with my boys; laughed with my boys; strengthened friendships that I will treasure for the rest of my life.

One thought on “Costa Rica: A summary of my heart.

  1. Churros and horchata…yum!

    So glad you found my blog and I found yours. Reading your post is like reading my own heart before I moved to Guatemala.

    My one piece of advice would be to soak up your time in Seattle (a fabulous city, I must say!) I can imagine you miss Costa Rica like crazy (I know I felt that way after Guatemala stole me heart), but try to not miss out on the opportunities in Seattle while you are there – soak up the family and friends and the memories knowing that your time with them may be limited.

    I love this quote from Elisabeth Elliot – “Let not our longing slay the appetite of our living.”

    Keep in touch – can’t wait to see where God takes you!


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