My second home.

It’s crazy that I’ve only been in Costa Rica for less than a week. These streets, the church, this house, these people: it feels like a place I’ve always known. These people are my family and this place is my second home.

These are a few of my favorite things that make Casa 601 en Zetillal de Ipis so special:

I love when Rosaura (Josue’s mom) sings. She sings all day long, but in the morning it is especially nice because it is so peaceful and quiet.

Victor (Josue’s dad) loves to speak to me in English. He plays English lesson tapes in the car whenever we go somewhere and repeats to me the phrases like, “Is Marcos your boyfriend? Is he here? Let’s go to the cafe.”

Gabo doesn’t speak English and I don’t speak a lot of Spanish so we have gotten good at understanding each other with one or two words: loco, tan lindo, tengo hambre, listo, wow, pirate, etc. Among various facial expressions and charades.

I love to joke with los tres amigos: Josue, Jota, y Gabo. We joke like we have known each other for a long time. They are like brothers to me and I love these guys so much. I can’t believe I have to leave them in a few days. They are so special.

I love playing with Jahred, Eri’s son (Josue’s nephew). He likes to pretend he is using the force against me. Though we don’t understand each other in words, the smiles, laughter, tickling, and crazy facial expressions make up for it. He is so sweet and so much fun to play with.

Saprissa. I am a Saprissista with a jersey and a scarf and everything. It’s a quick way to make friends… or enemies, but really “enemies” are just more friends to joke with about who has a better futbol team.

Last night at church I met one of the worship pastors for the first time. She was surprised that I was new to the church because I was greeting everyone and knew so many people. This makes my heart so happy. These friends of mine in Costa Rica are my family.

Last night at church, one of the women asked if I wanted to live in Costa Rica. Another man asked when I was coming back and for how long. People keep asking these questions to which my answer is always: Yes, I want to live here. I will be back as soon as possible. Can I stay forever? Para siempre, por favor? And of course their answer is always ‘Yes’.

I don’t know how to conveniently end this. There are so many wonderful things here. This place is so dear to me, so close to my heart. It’s like my heart has always been longing to know this place. My heart has found home.

(Two of my favorite people: Jota y Gabo.)


2 thoughts on “My second home.

  1. That is how I felt when I left Mexico City. A part of my heart will always be in Mexico. I feel as though I am at least half Mexican. I think that there is a large space in my heart for Latinos. I love them. so much. I love you. I am happy to hear about all of your experiences.


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