Five-minute Friday: Every day.


Wake up. It’s too early. Get up anyway.

Shower; makeup; breakfast; carpool. School. Class, other class, break. Home. Work. Home; sleep.

But it’s the in between that matters.

Shower; makeup; check facebook and twitter. Laugh at what my friends say; retweet the best ones. Smile at the encouragement left over from the middle of the night that is middle of the day in Japan. Wish I was with my best friend, Mallory, who is too often too far away.

Carpool; drink tea in the car and try not to spill it on myself; catch up with my friend Rachel. We talk about our lives, our frustrations, our weekend’s adventures. Rock out to a few songs.

Class, other class; say hi to friends; make plans for the weekend that feels too far away.

Break; find friends around campus and sit and talk and wish we had more time together because life seems to be moving too fast. We hold each others hearts and talk about when life will be simpler; dream of summer.

Home; talk with my brother Nathan. Facebook again. More smiles, more laughs, more retweets, more of wishing these friends lived closer.

Work; talk talk talk talk talk. Talk with parents; reminisce with bosses; make plans with coworkers who have become friends.

Home; hug my mom; joke, sing, laugh with, love on my family. Watch too many CSI shows with my mom and Nathan. Hear about Seth’s day and make note to hang out with him more.

Ponder; treasure; sleep; dream.


(Prompt from Lisa-Jo at The Gypsy Mama.)

3 thoughts on “Five-minute Friday: Every day.

  1. The internet (and this post) makes me smile as well. Even though you mentioned Facebook a lot, it’s so clear that you also have a ton of real-life-people who you love on. I highly approve of this kind of balanced socialism (not the government type).


  2. Came across your blog from Mandy’s. I love the line “But it’s the in between that matters.” Something in that just resonated deep in my soul. Looking forward to reading more.


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