Five-minute Friday: If I knew I could.

If I knew I could, I would…


I open up a dusty folder and hidden among virtual folders of essays and short stories I find this: Goals. I search for the document labeled 100 Things to Do Before I Die and sigh. I’ve ignored this list for two reasons: 1) I think, “It will happen or it won’t,” and 2) I don’t want to be disappointed when it doesn’t.

Among my dreams lie these: backpack through Europe with the man of my dreams (aka future husband I have yet to meet); adopt a child; write a book; get published; learn to fly a plane; intern with TOMs; run a race; tour a city by scooter; live in another country for more than a year.

Many of them I know I’ll get to one day — like running a race or living out of the U.S. I know I will. But what I really want to do… if I knew I could, I would write a book for all these unformed sentences and sporadic thoughts who are screaming to escape from the confines of my own mind. These thoughts are cramped in such a small space, unshared, hidden, anxious. They’re ready to be set free.

But how? What would I write? Would others read my writing? Would they care about what I have to say?

Would it matter?

I could probably write a book, but I don’t know where I would begin.


Prompt from Lisa-Jo at The Gypsy Mama.

5 thoughts on “Five-minute Friday: If I knew I could.

  1. If you ever want to move forward with this, I’m friends with a best-selling author. Her name is Stephanie Kallos. You should start with some informational interviews and I’m sure she’d be up for it. Just a thought…it would at least be moving forward instead of sitting, waiting for something to happen. 😉


  2. Oh girl! You need to go over to Emily @ Chatting at the Sky to see why you should pursue your passions or dreams not matter what people say or don’t say, approve of or don’t approve of. It is so encouraging….I hope you will check it out!


  3. Keep doing what you’re doing. Writing, writing and more writing. You’re amazing at it. What you want to put in a book will come to you. It will form in your heart. It wouldn’t hurt to take writing classes also. Janet is a published author. Fiction for her. Love you!


  4. you captured many of us creative people’s thoughts exactly 😉 As many of them have said…just keep writing, if its burning in your heart than do it, even if its just for Jesus 🙂


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