No matter how much I worry.

I sit in a quiet study room by myself with my legs lazily resting on another chair, my feet soaking up this much needed rest. I look out over campus from the window of this 3rd floor room and the blue Seattle sky welcomes me. Windows glisten and everything smiles as rays of warmth and light from the almost-generous sun disable the shadows. Students walk to their classes a little slower than usual as the sun bids them to stay a while.

An airplane flies over the hill until I can’t see it, though I know it’s headed toward the airport just south of Seattle. I smile. I’ll be on an airplane in 61 days to meet one of my favorite people and a whole world of wonderful friends that God has generously blessed my life with. And while I sit here and watch people walk, and planes fly, and trees feed on the sun, I realize that I’ve been missing it. I’ve been missing joy.

My life has been overwhelming lately. I’ve been sick for 3-4 weeks, working 40 hrs/wk, taking 17 credits at school (business stats, law, astronomy, and piano); add homework and the stresses of issues at home and being given greater responsibilities at work — I’m tired. But maybe when I’m tired is when I need joy the most.

I’m listening to a song that my friend Josué wrote called Never Let Me Go. It’s been on repeat all morning. It says, No matter how much I worry, no matter how much I sin, You’re always near. You never go away. Your love endures forever in my life. You will never let me go.

The truth is, worrying cannot add a single day to my life. It is a thief. Yet joy — it gives so much; it is so good. I am reminded of how good life is and how good God is. Yes, my life is hard, but today the sun is shining, planes are flying, and my heart is still singing this song. No matter how much I worry, God will never let me go. There are reasons to be joyful and my life is too precious to let anything steal the gift of joy.


3 thoughts on “No matter how much I worry.

  1. Oh my gosh! I can’t believe all of our room is going to be going somewhere foreign this summer. You’re going to Costa Rica, Rachel is going to be backpacking in Europe, and I’m going to Vietnam! We are going to be all over the world!! I am so excited for all of us.


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