Five-minute Friday: If you met me.

If you met me…


You would know that I talk a lot when I’m comfortable. I get in trouble for it at work and probably make a fool out of myself in class (sometimes), but I just love to talk and want to know all about you, all. the. time.

You would find out so quickly that my heart is overwhelmingly on a long-term hiatus, skipping beats and such in far away places. Actually, my heart hasn’t been settled in my little town for quite a while now and sometimes I wonder if she will ever be back.

It wouldn’t take long to see that I am addicted to tea and drink it way more than most people.

And Mexican food. I love tacos.

And I get excited when I have a chance to speak in other languages. Speak to me in Spanish and my heart will surely melt from happiness.

You would see that my life is really hard right now and it shows, but there is still one thing (or two, if I include my always loving, always faithful God) that brings me more joy than I have ever had. (See: “heart is on a long-term hiatus.”)

If you met me, you would notice that I smile as much as I talk and it’s because I love talking about things that are close to my heart.



3 thoughts on “Five-minute Friday: If you met me.

  1. love you and can’t wait to “meet” you someday! it’s going to happen and it’ll be lovely complete with starbucks and brownies and all sorts of lovely.


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