Sometimes eyes overflow.

Sometimes eyes overflow. They have every good reason to, but hardly do so with good, heartfelt intentions.

I feel it rising and I can’t control it, though I want to. I want to tell the water to go back to its hiding place, to stay submerged in my sinuses and come back on a day when my heart can make sense of it all. Today she is more confused than ever. My eyes couldn’t care less.

Maybe the nerves were severed between my heart and head. Maybe the message isn’t getting through. My eyes haven’t heard that my heart can’t handle this. They don’t know the consequences — the disaster that will ensue — when the levy breaks.

The dam in my heart isn’t strong enough to hold back this flood, though for her sake, it should be. She needs it to protect her. She needs it to stop the flood before everything comes crashing down.

I choke my way through a few inhales, hoping the air will dry my eyes, but as I exhale, I exhale defeat.

The floods roar; my eyes overflow; the dam breaks; chaos fills my weary heart.


3 thoughts on “Sometimes eyes overflow.

  1. I love you so much. I’m right there with you. I normally don’t get emotional. I did this morning in the quiet of my classroom. I just keep telling myself that God can bare the heaviness of our heart. I don’t have to lug around a huge satchel on my back with burdens that are too heavy for me to hold. I wish I believed that more than I do, but I have to trust in my heart that I know it’s true.


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