Only in the movies.

I could use some joy right now, so here’s something fun and a little light-hearted. A while ago, someone found my blog by searching, “Sometimes I wish my life was more like a movie.” I’m not sure how that led to The Art of Losing, but it’s fun to dream. Here’s what it would look like…

If there could be one movie scene to happen to my life it would be the “girl spontaneously goes to the airport” scene. It happens after a man and woman decide to end their relationship and are separated because of distance. When they are apart, one of them realizes they really cannot live without the other.

The scene changes to a montage of moping — the woman eats too much ice cream and cries over chick flicks with girlfriends. She is constantly unsmiling as her thoughts are hopelessly bound by her far-away man. Finally, she can’t take it anymore. She decides to take a risk. She goes to the airport with all of her friends who encourage her and hold her 5 bags and passport and latte and they all put down their credit cards to pay for the ticket.

She gives them that look. The look that says, “You gals are my life-savers.” (I imagine they’re still living in the 90’s so she definitely would have said gals.) Then they have an emotional group-hug with lots of tears and giggles and jumping and kisses and good-well wishes.

Then she’s off. She runs through the airport; to security; to her gate. The flight attendants are done boarding and she almost misses her plane, but they hold the plane just for her. Breathless, the woman gives her boarding pass to the flight attendant and is ushered to her seat.

She sits down. 29C. Window seat. For hours, she stairs at the clouds while her thoughts float just as high. For a moment she wonders why the clouds look so big from up in the air, but her thoughts quickly return to him. She smiles and her stomach does flip flops. Butterflies.

They don’t show that part in the movie. They only show the rushing, almost missing the plane, and the reunion — the surprise; the run-and-leap-into-his-arms embrace; the kiss; and the, “I can’t live without you.”

How magical.

Do you ever wish your life was like a movie?


4 thoughts on “Only in the movies.

  1. OMG the part where you said her friends are carrying her five bags, her passport and her latte reminds me of something you and I would do. Btw I know for a fact the woman has to be dressed fabulously (she has to look stunning and impossibly fresh, right?)


  2. This is Sewl typing this haha just so you don’t get us 2 Michelles confused (then again I would never say the words “impossibly fresh” so I’m guessing you knew that was Wango typing up there ^). Just wanted to say that I will always be one of your gals Hannah! I could totally picture this in my mind!


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