21 joys.

My life has been anything but easy lately as I deal with brokenness in my family and the unknowns of my best friend living in Sendai, Japan during the earthquake/tsunami disasters. But today is my 21st birthday. Today I want to focus on good things, God things, wonderful, happy, joyful things. Because even in the midst of my really hard things, I know there is good and beauty and life. Today, of all days, I want to see it.

21 reasons to be joyful:

1. God is with me, no matter how much my world shakes. He is my solid Rock.
2. Surprises from friends.
3. Skype.
4. I spent the day shopping in Seattle with my mom on Friday to celebrate our birthdays. My mom loves me a lot and that is always obvious.
5. Barry’s Irish tea on a rainy day.
6. I get to drive to school a couple days this week instead of taking the bus.
7. I have friends who support me and speak life into my difficult days.
8. I am becoming better at learning/speaking/understanding Spanish.
9. I received 2 letters in the mail that had nothing to do with my birthday and everything to do with friendship.
10. I am able to be educated at a spectacular university.
11. I have a stable job.
12. I live in a safe home.
13. I will be taking a piano class next quarter.
14. I know that spring is coming because the birds sing in the morning.
15. I colored my hair yesterday, and I love the color.
16. Mallory, my friend in Japan, is alive and surviving, even though life is really hard.
17. There is one more week until spring break.
18. I was recently promoted at work and have been given the responsibility of being a supervisor during swimming lessons.
19. I got new running shoes this week.
20. I will be getting my braces off on April 19th. The appointment is scheduled and will not be canceled.
21. I finally bought my ticket for Costa Rica and will be meeting some great friends for the first time on June 9th.

Where have you found joy lately?


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