My beloved city: Opportunity. [Part 4]

My heart still breaks every day for this city whom I love. I have the blessed opportunity to be downtown twice a day, five days a week since I commute on the bus to school Monday-Friday. I feel so spoiled having such a great joy from God, but I know it does not come without responsibility and purpose. There is a reason God has burdened my heart so deeply. There is a reason which I do not yet know.

Lord, why, I plead. Show me! Please. He is showing me. Slowly. He is softening my heart for these people. He is opening my heart for them. He is showing me how to love well.

I believe God wants Seattle as much as he wanted Ninevah, and I pray I’m not swallowed by a big fish before I understand how much his heart does break for these people and that my heart should break too.

I don’t know God’s plan for me and Seattle, but I’ve seen a glimpse of his heart and his love for this city — all these broken people — and it is a beautiful thing.

Every day I have an opportunity to talk with homeless people or anyone waiting at the bus stop outside McDonald’s on 3rd & Pine, or the people on the bus, or singing in Pike Place, or selling Real Change outside my favorite coffee shop, or smoking outside the Starbucks on 4th & Pine.

Every day I have an opportunity to take a hungry, hurting stranger out to coffee, out of the cold, and get to know their heart.

Every day I have an opportunity to build relationships with people in my city who I see every day.

Every day, it’s there, but how often do I grasp these God-given opportunities? How often do I recognize how much these people need to be loved, and how much love through Christ I have to give?

How often do I say, Yes, God! I see it. I know Your heart is here, so I will go there too.


2 thoughts on “My beloved city: Opportunity. [Part 4]

  1. Ah! Hannah. I just had my heart broken for this city. For a class I had to go investigate Rainier Beach, and a friend and I talked with the high school counselor. It’s so corrupt. There are 1600-1800 kids in the Rainier Beach District, and only 400 go to the high school. The rest of the kids are bussed out because their parents want them to go to a different school, or private school. Which leaves all of the poorer kids in the dust. It’s so wrong. Anyway, my heart is moved for Seattle, even if it isn’t my home. There is so much that needs to happen here.


  2. Wow, Sammie! I know what you’re talking about. Rainier Beach is a hard place to see. Though you didn’t grow up in Seattle, for now it is your home, and there is so much that you can do too. It just takes a lot of courage and faith and a little risk to step up and ask/go where God wants us, but it is so necessary that we do.


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