Five-minute Friday: Rambling.


This week has been absolutely spectacular. There aren’t many big reasons, just a sequence of small, splendid events that made my week just grand.

I’ve felt productive all week. Not just productive in a “all my homework is done early” way (though it is, and half way done with next week’s too), but in a “my life is moving forward and I’m making purposeful decisions” way.

I am on my way to fulfilling most of my goals for this year just by making small steps.

I am being promoted at work this month which means I have more responsibilities. We started new swimming classes this week and my kids bring me so much joy. And I’ve started lap swimming after work. I forgot how wonderful it is to just swim.

I created a budget to help me save up for Costa Rica. I am hoping to go this June to visit a few great friends and hug them for the first time. It’s going to be such a great adventure!

I went to a meeting for the Peace Corps on Thursday. One of my goals is to apply for the Peace Corps toward the end of this year. I am also working on other goals for this year to help make my application as solid as possible. One of them is volunteering with an organization in White Center, Seattle with at-risk youth to prepare me for the community/youth development program in the Peace Corps. Also, I’m working on learning more Spanish so I can go to a Spanish speaking country. Fingers are crossed for Central America.

Yesterday I turned in an application for Urban Plunge, a week-long plunge into the homeless community in downtown Seattle. If I am accepted, I will become homeless along with my other team members for 5 days of my spring break. I have wanted to do this long before I applied to SPU. My heart is for the people of Seattle. I want to know how to love them. This is how I can know them better to love them better.

And if my week couldn’t get any better. . .

Yesterday I got a red balloon from a sweet guy in my Interpersonal Communications class for a happy Thursday.

I got a letter from one of my favorite girls, Victoriana.

Today I am getting my haircut and wearing my favorite dress.

And this song has been stuck in my head since Wednesday, making my heart happy and my feet full of dancing.


(Ok, so maybe it was more like 8 minutes. I had a lot to write.)


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