Song for Sunday: Extravagant.

Sometimes the simplest things are the best for my heart; sometimes the simple things aren’t simple at all; sometimes they’re actually filled with richness and beauty; and sometimes people sing better than any words I can formulate.

Your love is extravagant. You’ve captured my heart again.

One thought on “Song for Sunday: Extravagant.

  1. Great song!
    Yes, I hear ya about your family member being a bully. One of the situations I was writing about was with my step-mom. It’s harder to distance yourself from someone when they’re family…but I realized it’s probably something that needs to be done as much as possible until she stops becoming so obsessed with drama. I’m sorry to hear he treats you like that. Wouldn’t it be wonderful for adults to act like adults? Oh well. I guess it just makes us stronger. 🙂


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