The cost of grace.

Only a fool thinks that the most valuable, broken things can be fixed with money or careless words. Broken hearts, broken relationships, broken trust — these things aren’t cheap. They can only be healed through grace, forgiveness, and humility.

This has been at the front of my heart recently. Grace is given to us freely, but there is still a great cost to fixing broken things — an unknown amount of time; reopening of wounds in order to let them heal; and the death of our selfishness so that humility can sprout up and take root. If we cannot admit we are broken, how then can we be fixed?

But I pray, dear Christian, that though there is a cost, you will first offer this sweet grace freely — this grace that you have also been given. It is not for you to withhold grace or to judge who you think is deserving or undeserving. (I know, for this is one of my greatest struggles.) Give the grace that you would want extended to yourself when you make mistakes. Love without walls. Love as though your life depends on it, because it does. You have never been able to exist without Love.

Do not withhold good things from others out of bitterness or anger or resentment. People aren’t who you think they are. No one ever is. So why hold them to your standards of who they should be and forget them when they do not meet those standards?

Dear Christian, I beg of you to give grace freely without any restraint. Bitter words and angry hearts leave us lonely and broken even further. Yes, grace is costly, but give it freely; do not hold the price over anyone’s head. For no one — not even me, not even you — no one can repay the cost to the One who gave us grace.

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