Because you are alive.

Why do we, particularly Americans, wake up hating the morning? Why do we curse each day and dream of different jobs and different lives? Why do we believe that life could be easy? Were life easy, we could not leave it satisfied, fulfilled, or even a bit joyful. What joy could we know if we did not seek or pursue or strive?

Why do we not wake up praising God for the morning? Why do we not trust God for joy in the middle of where we are? Even rich men struggle. Even joyful men have hard days. What a wasted life to live each day in anticipation for the next — the next day that will inevitably be the same!

Our days are numbered, yet there are those who would waste the majority of their days because they do not know how to find joy in the midst of pain and hard things. Let us not waste our lives on the false expectations of “easy” and “someday.” They will always leave us in anticipation, never satisfied in this moment. This moment will continue to be lost if we seek “someday,” for “someday” cannot be grasped; it can never be found; it does not exist.

Between here and future days are small steps, big decisions, and most often, a melodic walking from here to there. There is rarely anything miraculous. There is simply a series of events that lead us to each new day and an alarm clock which reminds us it is no longer yesterday. And somehow all these yesterdays bring us to a future we never realized or expected, yet which does not surprise us because of the unmiraculous events that allowed it to be so.

Do not lose real moments for moments of the imagination. Find joy in the midst of hard things. Find joy in the small things. Find joy in today, even if it’s harder than what you think you can handle, for no one can change their circumstances by worrying or dreading or grumbling.

Wake up and rejoice in this day. Live in today, this moment, right now. Rejoice! You are alive! Rejoice! You are redeemed! Be encouraged, for God does not forget you. He sees you where you are. He knows where your heart is at. He knows your desires. He sees you so deeply. Wherever you are, whatever your struggle, you are alive and you are REDEEMED. Praise God from whom all blessings flow for, today and always, God is worthy to be praised.


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