One word: 2011

Last year I joined a group of bloggers who chose one word to define their year. I chose the word “do” as an encouragement to spend less time in front of a computer screen and more time experiencing the joys of life — to see more ballets and plays and Sounders games, to jump in a lake with all of my clothes on at midnight just because I could, and to fly to Japan to see my best friend. I did do more last year. It was a good year.

This year I’ve been wrestling over my one word. There are so many lessons to learn, so many words to define my life, so many goals to accomplish — this one word feels restricting. How can I choose one word as my companion for a whole year? I’ve tossed around humility, honesty, grace, freedom and forgiveness, but none of them seemed right. All of them hold pieces of what I want 2011 to be, but not one of them, alone, is enough.

Instead I attempted to choose a word which I think encompasses all of them: redeemed.

For a very long time I have dishonestly striven for perfection on my own accord. I pridefully hid the ugly parts of me, refused grace, and expected others to meet my standards of perfection, believing that I could meet them too. Inside, my heart was screaming, “This isn’t who I am!” I wore a mask and told myself it was real or could be if I pretended long enough. Yet still it remains a mask.

I want to be real with where I’m at. I want to fully grasp that I am a sinner. I am human. I make mistakes. I am just normal. I want to understand it is because of those things that I desperately need and can accept God’s grace and forgiveness more freely. I want to live in the freedom I have been given because of Christ. I want to learn to seek God without a mask, without false pretenses, without hiding behind a lie.

I want to seek God as who I am, a sinner who is redeemed.


11 thoughts on “One word: 2011

  1. this is so beautiful, hannah. and such a needed reminder that our brokenness doesn’t negate our redemptiveness.

    i’m excited to watch you be transformed from the inside out this year. it’s gonna be good.


  2. Wow. My heart was pounding reading your post! We are REDEEMED! Yay God! Excited to see what God has in store for you this year through your One Word.

    xx M.


  3. mmmm. Redeemed. Such a great word. With each glimpse of how He has redeemed us – how much He’s taken us out of and leads us into – it makes us take off the masks, live our lives fuller, see ourselves for who God sees us as.

    Excited for you Hannah. Believing great things for this year! Love you friend!


  4. What a great word to choose. It sums up the hole history of why we are here, and why can we really know God.

    This year at my church we are declaring ACCOMPLISHMENT! Dreams coming true 😀


  5. Thanks for all the love! I am also excited to live in Christ’s redemption this year and let it transform me from the inside out.

    Alece: “Brokenness doesn’t negate our redemptiveness.” Amen!

    Jos: So true. And what a great word para su iglesia. I am excited to hear about accomplishments and dreams coming true at renuevo!


  6. Wow! I have been wrestling with my one word the past couple of days and I just finally landed on it. I then linked to this FB page via the OneWord2011 blog and was perusing through the posts that people had put up and found your page with the EXACT word that the Lord has been showing me. Thanks for your post. It has added new dimensions and resonated in what the Lord was challenging me with as well with this word! YAY!


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