My year in review.

Every year I make a list of goals. If you’ve been around here for very long, you know I like making goals, and even more, I love making lists. Last year I set out with a lot of goals. They were not the “do it once and check it off” kind of goals. They were goals that take time, remembrance, and a whole lot of discipline. I’m not very good with those kinds of goals. Consequently, most of them remain unchallenged and incomplete.

I also chose a word I wanted to define my year, an idea I picked up from Alece. My word was “do.” It’s ironic that I chose that word — to do more with my life — since I didn’t even complete half of my goals for this year. But I do think I accomplished this. I did live out my word. I did so much this year.

Here are the goals I completed from the list I actually wrote down:

  • Go out of the country —I went to Japan in September to visit Mallory.
  • Go to Canada – Yes, I did make it to Canada. It was pouring rain the entire time and our car was towed, but I went, finally.
  • Go on a date — I think it qualifies…
  • Write to Postsecret I sent in three postcards in January.
  • Join a club — I joined Common Thread aka Crochet Club, but I only ever made one hat… I’m not sure if this really counts.
  • Write a letter once a week –Though I didn’t send a letter once a week, I certainly sent a lot, so I’m checking this one off anyway. I discovered the joy of sending letter-love to every corner of the world.

And here’s what I did that never made it to a list:

  • I went swing dancing for the first time.
  • I became an avid Sounders fan with Rachel.
  • I became a regular at the Teacup.
  • I got a job as a barista.
  • I made new friends through blogging.
  • I discovered a few beautiful parks/views in Seattle.
  • I went to my first concert (Brier Rose) since high school.
  • I went to 3 different Bible studies during different seasons of this year.
  • I coached swim team for the first time and loved it.
  • I roadtripped around Washington a few times. (Spokane, Bremerton, Bellingham, Wenatchee)
  • I paid off my guitar.
  • I have a bike, thanks to Rachel, and enjoyed quite a few rides this summer.
  • I jumped in a lake at midnight with all of my clothes on with a couple great friends.
  • I found joy in Sunday night Compline and Molly Moon’s ice cream.
  • I started running regularly for the first time since high school.
  • I started learning Spanish.
  • I discovered late night Beth’s Cafe with my brother, Seth. Worst service you will ever have and questionable food, but still a fabulous time.
  • I spoke my mind (more than once).
  • I was given an award for working at the pool for 5 years.
  • I cleaned out the junk in my life.
  • I hugged friends (on two occasions) from my twitterverse for the first time.

Maybe some of these seem small to you, but to me, they are leaps worth remembering, and each one, a reminder of joy and fullness and God’s faithfulness in my life.

What have you done, decided, changed, or become this year?


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