Making jokes and wishes.

I spent my morning with three of four wonderful kids I used to babysit. (Growing up kids.. the oldest who wasn’t with us is a freshman in high school.) Their mom told me when they received money for Christmas they couldn’t wait to go shopping with me. It’s our thing to do together, so today we adventured through the mall.

We made wishes as we tossed pennies in the fountain.

We treated ourselves to Starbucks.

We completed a collection of lego people when we found the Karate Master.

We made jokes and told stories and rocked out to Taylor Swift.

We rode up the escalator just so we could ride back down.

While we laughed together and tickled each other and raced each other up and down the escalator, I wondered if they know how much I love them. I wondered if they know how much God loves them too. I wondered if they know I pray for them and if they know how great they are. And I wondered if my life can make a difference in theirs.

Then as we were walking through the mall, he said to me, “I feel like I’m with all my sisters right now.” I replied with what seemed obvious. “But these are your sisters,” I said. And with his sweet 4th grader smile he said to me, “Yeah, but it feels like you are my sister too.”

It was then that I realized how simple it is.

Laugh. Tickle. Make jokes. Make wishes. Listen. Be there. They’ll know.


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