Random thoughts for tonight:

I can see my guitar callouses. It’s something I don’t take lightly. Each callous is a treasure, reminding me of the perseverance it takes to learn guitar.

I remembered tonight how well I know French and how terrible I am with Spanish. It’s so easy for me to have a conversation in French, and so frustrating for me to attempt to understand and form words, not to mention phrases, in Spanish. I have a long road ahead to being fluent in either.

A twitter conversation has left me craving pho, Vietnamese noodle soup. It’s great for cold days and sick days.

It’s time for me to read Blue Like Jazz again. I’ve forgotten how many times I’ve read it. Recently I realized that I couldn’t remember the main premise (though I’m not sure there really is one since it’s a collection of essays), and it being one of my favorite books, I decided it’s finally time.

I wrote a lot of songs when I was younger. And by younger, I mean before jr. high. My writing is different now, not in a better or worse way, just different, but sometimes I wish I could still write with notes and chords in mind instead of commas and conjunctions.

What’s on your mind tonight?


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