On losing: Toward eternity.

When I am far from God I tend to think that He is silent or that His plans for me have stopped for a while, but I’ve been learning that God doesn’t work that way. His plans are never put on hold. Sometimes they are different, but God does not leave us or abandon us.

He is there. Even when we are far away, God is always calling us toward Himself, toward perfect things, toward eternity. But we don’t see that. His plans look different. They seem strange. They don’t make sense. They seem foolish because our hearts are so often set on earth.

Like a child, I run. I run in the farthest direction as fast as I can. And I hide. I am afraid of eternity. I am afraid of what it will do to my life. I am afraid of what it won’t do to my life.

What dreams of mine will I need to give up? What opportunities will I miss out out on? Which of my desires will not be fulfilled? I want the coolest phone. I want the newest fashion, though it changes more quickly than the turning seasons. I want to be talked about. I want to be known.

But these are just the kind of heart thoughts that keep me far from living in eternity. These are the heart thoughts that leave me satisfied with ordinary things, small dreams, and designer jeans.

It is only when I peek my head out from under the covers, when I come out of hiding, when I decide to set my heart on eternity, that God’s plans begin to make sense. I can see He was never absent. I can see His plans for me were not put on hold. I can see He has been preparing something perfect for me. Though I try to hide myself from Him, He is still there, arms always open, hands always ready. So like a child, I run into my Daddy’s arms and say, “Ok, Papa. I’m ready. I’m not afraid anymore.” Then I take His hand and we begin to walk toward eternal things.

This post is Part 2 in a series on where my heart has been lately to bring me to The Art of Losing. Click here for: 13


3 thoughts on “On losing: Toward eternity.

  1. hehe, i want designer boots. er well. just more boots!
    but on a more serious note. i’m right there with you. it’s when i get out of my own little temper tantrum that i have a chance to see that He is much bigger than that and that He gently reminds me about the things that matter in life.
    love you, friend. keep on walking it out.


  2. Afraid of eternity… Yah, I think I know what you mean; some days I’m afraid of losing my own dreams in order to walk towards eternity.


    • That is exactly how I feel. Part of me knows that what God has is better, but part of me still wants to keep my dreams. It’s hard to always want what God has for me.


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