Fall has arrived.

I grew up thinking I hated fall. I would lump together the six months between September and March and call it fall. And I hated it. I loved the changing leaves and cozy rainy days, but I hated the biting cold and months of grey skies. In the past couple years, however, I’ve come to realize that it wasn’t fall I disliked so much. It was when fall turned to winter.

I love everything about summer changing to fall — the bright blue skies with a chill in the air; standing in the midst of trees as a gust of wind comes through and it seems as though it is snowing leaves; dusting off hats and colorful scarves after a long summer break; the way a cup of coffee warms your fingers; the freshness of new books, new pens, and new notebooks; the overwhelming warm air as you step inside out of the blustery day; soup, cider, hot chocolate, eggnog, tea; the pumpkin farm; the anticipation of the holiday season; wearing rain boots and carrying umbrellas, much to the dismay of Seattlites.

I love it all.

Today we went to the pumpkin farm, and what a beautiful fall day it was!

Happy fall, my dear friends!


3 thoughts on “Fall has arrived.

  1. AH! I love that so much. I’m super jealous that you got to go to a pumpkin patch. That’s one of my favorite things to do in the fall. I love going out to the pumpkin patch near my house and eating pumpkin doughnuts and playing in leaves and drinking cider. I love it so much!


  2. Josue– I can’t wait for you to experience fall in the US! I believe that someday you will. 🙂

    Sammie– That sounds so wonderful!


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