Friday is the beginning.

The sky is clear and sunny today, but I know my hope of warm air is a lie. Seattle has more clear blue skies in the fall than in the summer. Clear, blue, sunny, and chilly — I love fall. Cozy hats and scarves, chai tea, getting warm beneath a mound of blankets. It doesn’t usually stay nice through October, but here we are, day 1, and it’s beautiful.

Today is the day: October 1, 2010. I’ve missed a week of classes that, according to my plan, I should be enrolled in. But it is no accident. I know that God works all things together for good. So, I am expectant. I hope to meet God in new ways, different ways, maybe big, or maybe small ways. When we make an effort to be near to God we realize that he was already near, just waiting for us to look. I’m ready to look. I want with all of my heart to know God intimately — to not feel funny going out to coffee with God, or to know when I need to fall on my knees in worship, and to be obedient to the Spirit that lives inside me because I know what His voice sounds like.

There’s something sweet about intentional vs. accidental. Accidental is serendipitous. It’s meeting God in a place you didn’t expect to find him. But intentional is knowing where God is and taking one step closer to him because you know that you will meet him there. I want to be intentional.

Pray. Seek. Love. Learn. Wrestle. Wonder. Wander. Know. Find.

These are my hopes for now.


2 thoughts on “Friday is the beginning.

  1. I’m sure God is working in your heart, and this stage in your life will result in something good 🙂
    The other commentary was mine also, but I was logged in from another account that I made for church; so you can ignore it! 😛


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