Something different.

Recently I’ve come to realize that there’s never a break or time off with God’s plans. Sometimes there is a wait or a something different, but there is never a break. God is always working in our lives even when life feels upside-down.

Wait is something we all feel very often. Sometimes it feels like too often. Wait is when God doesn’t give a clear ‘yes’ or ‘no.’ It’s a period when our patience is forced to grow, whether we want it to or not. It’s painful. It’s heart-aching. But it’s sweet to rest in God’s peace while waiting, and it’s triumphant to reach the end of waiting and finally understand.

Right now is something different for me.

Something different is hard to accept. It’s not what we expect. It’s probably not what we want. It doesn’t seem to fit in with our life plan. But maybe that’s the point. Something different wakes us up. It stares us in the face until we can’t say no anymore. It might look foolish. You might look foolish. To the world, you are foolish.

Something different is when God tells you to go Montana to work at a Pow Wow when you wanted to go to Nicaragua to work with orphans. It’s when God decides for you to lead a volunteer tutoring group instead of being a youth mentor. It’s when you have a string of various minimum wage jobs instead of living your dream as a missionary in Mexico. It’s going to school when you want to be in Nicaragua. It’s going back to community college because you didn’t get into a university. It’s being single when you want to be married.

Something different might feel like God has abandoned you. It might seem like he’s forgotten about your dreams, your passions, your desires. It seems like God doesn’t know what he’s doing. Why else would you be stuck in a minimum wage job when you’re clearly meant for something bigger?

God hasn’t forgotten you in your something different. He’s right there with you. He’s still working. What seems strange to you looks great to God. If you’re walking with God and submitting to him, he has you right where you ought to be.

I’m right in the middle of my own something different. Tomorrow I won’t be starting classes with the rest of my SPU family. Instead, I’ll be at home. The simple answer to why I’m taking a quarter off is finances. I could have figured out a way to take out more loans, but I decided it wasn’t the best decision for me. Not this time. So I’m taking a quarter to work, save up money, pay off debt (credit card, guitar, etc.), and breath a little.

But even my something different isn’t a break with God. Though I won’t be at school, I know God has a purpose for this seemingly unfortunate ‘downtime’ in my life. Starting October 1st (just because I need a date), I’m beginning 3 months of daily, intentional seeking after God.

Lately I’ve been seeking God when it feels good to want him. I’m really good at that. I seek him when it’s popular. I pray when there’s something big on my list. In these three months my life will pretty much stop. There will be fewer distractions since I won’t be at school and everyone else will be. I will be starting a 3-month plan for reading through the Bible, and I want to serve in tangible ways. The rest has yet to be revealed. I’m anxious to see what doors God will open and a little scared of stepping out in faith. I don’t really know where I’ll end up, but I hope it will be a little closer to knowing and loving God.

Do you feel like God’s plans for you are on hold?
How can he use you where you are now?


3 thoughts on “Something different.

  1. mmm, oh friend. i feel like my waiting has quickly turned into both a waiting and a something different…and the lovely part of it all is that even when you are chasing after your dreams and passions those two things don’t change either….but i am thankful for yet another wake up call and how it only draws me nearer to Him.
    praying for you in this something different. i can’t wait to see and hear the amazing stories that will have God’s hand written all over them in the coming months.


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