Keep walking.

“While I’m waiting, I will serve you, Lord.”

Sometimes I wonder if I’m walking in the right direction. Did I make a wrong turn? Am I going farther from where God wants me to go? Could this really be right?

Because the waiting just seems so long. The relentless pursuit feels more relentless than usual. And this seeking, and praying, and looking to God for something new — it’s exhausting.

I haven’t done anything different in so long. I haven’t experienced any big road blocks or speed bumps. I haven’t had to turn around or change directions or make a really difficult decision. I’ve been going to school and working. My life doesn’t feel exciting. It isn’t very exciting. And that’s what makes me think I’m doing something wrong.

When I survey my life, the places I find myself in are places that God has brought me to. Going to school at SPU, working as a swim coach, being in relationships with so many good hearts — this is good. And so I’m confident that this is where God wants me and my heart right now.

A couple years ago I was talking with a good friend about knowing God’s will for my life. “What do I do while I’m waiting?” I asked.”Just do the last thing He told you to do,” she said

Wow. It is so simple. Yet, I forgot. Do what He told me to do.

If God were always giving me another big leap of faith, it would be exhausting. I’m learning that it’s ok to do the same thing as yesterday as long as I’m still seeking God with all of my heart.

Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, “This is the way; walk in it.” Isaiah 30:21

What do I do now? Build relationships and seek God with all of my heart. Keep going until God tells me to do something else.


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