If we met in real life…

You would see that I play with my hair all. the. time. I twirl it, put it up, put it down, fix my bangs. It’s a habit I just can’t shake.

You would notice that I narrate my life. Sometimes I talk too much. You’ll hear about anything and everything just because I want to share every part of who I am with you.

I brush my teeth before doing anything. Eating breakfast, blogging, exercising, hanging out. Don’t ask why. I’m not even sure myself.

I have to check my planner before I make any plans, even if I’m certain I have nothing else to do.

In the fall and winter I wear a scarf nearly every day.

And I plan a new crazy life adventure every minute, though few of them make it to reality.

What does in-person-you look like?

(via The Gypsy Mama and B’ahava)


2 thoughts on “If we met in real life…

  1. “I want to share every part of who I am with you.” –i love that honest, transparency. so refreshing! definitely something i’m still working on in my life. 🙂


  2. Since you brush your teeth so much, you probably have a lot of tooth paste.

    I’m running out, and I lost this big tube at 24-10.
    I really like brushing my teeth, and I was wondering if I could have some of your toothpaste?

    I don’t think you talk too much.


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